Maria Pomiansky


2012–2015 Master of Fine Arts, ZHDK

2004–2007  Master of Scenography, ZHDK

1993–1997  Bachelor of Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

1986–1990 Graphic Design, Moscow College of Art and Design

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 “Gebaute Schweiz” at Never Stop Reading Book Store, Zurich

2018 Cover Artist for the Architecture Magazin “Werk+Bauen +Wohnen”

2018 “Züri West” Galerie Alex Schlesinger, Zürich

2017 “Whats cooking”Protokoll Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn

2017 “Welcome 1917” at Biblion Antiquariat & Gallery, Zürich

2016 “Nächste Halt Toni” in Art Conteiner , Zürich

2015 “West” at Zeichen Galerie Grenacher, Zurich

2015 “Afterparty” book exhibition with Amsel Verlag at Tony areal, Zurich

2013″Cosmic Poetry” at One Night Only Gallery, ZHDK, Zurich

2013 The Video Trilogie “Beauty”, ”Fear” and ”Happiness” at Message salon (Perla Mode) Zürich

2001 “Nose“, curated by Tal Ben Zvi, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Tel Aviv

 Group Exhibitions:

2020 Shedhalle Zurich “Familien Modelle. ” Fresko workshop and exhibition

2019 “Poesie des Raumes” a group show at villa Renata, Basel

2019 Exposition in Edition VFO (Verein für Originalgraphik). Zurich

2019 Group show “Maniac” at Raum für Malerei, Zürich

2019 “Von Menschenhand” in Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn, Thurgau

2019 Group Show  Ian Anüll Promotional painting at the Jura Museum of Arts

2019 Group show “Maniac” at Raum für Malerei, Zürich

2018 “Im Labor” audio instalation and painting , Kulturfolger, Zürich

2018  Message salon embassy , presentation of zine NR 13 “Protocol” drawings, Kosmos

2017 “Kurz gesagt: Beinahe ein Märchen” , Scotty , Projektraum für zeitgenössische kunst, Berlin

2017 “Side Effects” – an Art of Molecule , “Kollegienhaus” of the University of Basel, Basel

2017 “What’s cooking?”, Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn

2017 “Triumph of Painting” in “The Third Gate” Gallery, Haifa. Israel

2017 “Theorem 4 “in the Corner College , Kochstr.1 ,Zürich

2017 “Die Hunderste “ in the gallery Alex Schlezinger, Tödestrasse 47,Zürich

2016 “Kinder der Galaxis” in the gallery of Visarte ,Silquai  55, Zürich

2016 Video Journal  “Ich Arbeite als Zauberer” in the gallery Ziegler AG, Ramistrasse 34 Zürich

2015 “Half-Understood, Half Collapse, Half Open a group exhibition at Chinretsukan Gallery, The University Art Museum, Tokyo  Japan

2015 “Zurich Kritik” Graduate exhibition at MFA in ZHDK

2015 “Invisible” group exhibition at Tony curated by Johanna Bruckner and Philipp Matestic

2015 “Hold the line”, curated by Maya Minder, Salome Kuratli and David Morisson, Halleli, Zurich

2014 “Adventskalender “, curated by Adrian Germann and Dionis Dammann, Stadtmission, Zurich

2014 Fabribraland, curated by Adrean Germann and Dionis Dammann, Fluelawest  at gallery +ion-

2012 “Esh HA LAILA”, curated by Dana Gilerman and Vera Pilpul, Tel-Aviv

2012 “Vogelfang” ,curated by Maya Minder, Kunsstraum Bellerive, Zürich

2012 2nd Ural industrial bienniale (Intellectual Platform), screening of the film “The End of the Light”, Russia

2011 The Doors of Perception, curated by Anka Senpalean, Art-Foyer  CAVIGELLY Gallery, Zürich

2011 “3 for 10″ , curated by Tal Ben Zvi , the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Hulon, Israel

2011 “Urban transformations”, curated by Anka Senpalean, Art-Foyer  CAVIGELLY Gallery , Zürich

2011 “Catch of the Year ″, Dienstgebäude, Zürich

2010 “City One Minutes” (Moscow, Jerusalem), Amsterdam One Minutes Video Festival in World Expo, Shanghai

2010 “Grobman”, Kishon Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2010 “Night Field Training”, Florentin 45, Tel-Aviv

2010 Catch of the Year 2, Dienstgebäude, Zürich

2009 Model of Molecule, Transatlantic Gallery, Vinzavod, Moscow

2009 “City One Minute video project”, One Minute Festival, Amsterdam

2009 “Israel”, Golden Gate Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2008 “Goyim”, curated by Andey Lev, The New Gallery, Jerusalem,

2008 (Space of net interventions) Internet project, Centre for Media culture, Zurich

2007 “Environment and Internal Love”, The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem

2006 In Process, Symposium for the interdisciplinary processing in contemporary art, Prague

2006 Sunny from Inside to Outside, presentation of the film and the following exhibition, curated by Esther Epstein, Message Salon, Zurich

2005 Dada Festival, curated by Mark Divo, Zurich

2005 Video Safari project by Roman Weber, Platform Elf Gallery, Zurich

2005 The 16th Republic, curated by Irina Birger, East Area Gallery, Amsterdam

2003  Artists in, Binz 39 Gallery, Zurich

2003 The Promise, The Land, curated by Stella Rollig O.K. Contemporary Art Center, Linz, Austria

2003 Public Space, Homage to the garden of Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv Museum

2003 Video Zone, curated by Galit Eilat First Israeli Video Biennale, The Israeli Centre of Digital Art, Hulon

2002 Doc-Aviv Festival with project “Makom”, Tel-Aviv

2002 Project 1, Gwangju Biennale, curated by Galit Eilat, South Korea

2002 Explora, The Rahel and Israel Pollok Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002 “Makom” video project, Amit Goren Production and The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television, Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem

2002 Change Focus, New Israeli Opera, Tel-Aviv

2001 The Daily Verse, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2001 New Video Works, curated by Sarit Shapira, Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem

2001 Urban Myths, Digital Art Lab, curated by Galit Eilat, The Israeli Centre of Digital Art, Hulon