installations 2004-2006

Dada Festival , Prague 2006

The installation consists of the few elements: the object- golden weight bar, video “Rita or Active Fitness” and two drawings of women, lifting the weights.A common project with Margarita Tarnover ‹installation view at the exhibition in Prague›»

Dada Festival , Zürich 2005

The installation was an imitation of a real flat, where people use to live. All the objects have a special meaning, as some kind of «talking objects» or objects telling stories. Installation was built together with Svetlana Mozulevskaya and Margarita Tarnover. One of the elements of the installation is a video called «Hausfrau in Grünau». It is filmed inside the installation and then projected on the TV monitor. Video “Dada Twins” came out as a reflection of the event (festival, installation, participating artists and visitors of the exhibitions). One of the days everyone, who came to see the installation “Keller Private” was asked to be filmed there. The same person was filmed twice and asked to play two contrary personalities.<fragment of installation<<dada twins<<</video stills

Clubbing 2004

«Clubbing» shows portraits of dancing people filmed in Bogen 13, a nightclub in Zurich. While the camera focuses on somebody, one hears the thoughts of that person: What he/she is thinking about at the moment – and in other situations.

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Hausfrau in Grünau. Zürich 2004

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